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Quiz – Strategys


Answer the following questions and find out if your organization is doing the right thing to value the collective intelligence of its members and continue to learn, teach, innovate and imagine to continually improve.

1. Your organization’s purpose (what it stands for) is well known by your employees
2. The organization/team is divided in units and there is an organogram showing the hierarchy and reporting lines
3. Your organization’s strategy (how you intend to reach your organizational objectives) is known and understood by all members of your teams
4. Your team has specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely objectives aligned with their respective roles
5. There are internal rules and processes used by the organization/team to keep on track
6. The various departments coordinate activities effectively
7. Decision making and controls are decentralized, as it should be, aligned with your organization’s operations and activities
8. There are control mechanisms that are frequently monitored and evaluated
9. There is a high-performance corporate/team culture that inspires people to go the extra mile and make the right decisions.
10. Your employees know your organization’s core values and live by them
11. There is a system in place to recognize/reward the right behaviors and call out/correct inappropriate ones
12. The Leadership / Management style in your organization is participative (people’s opinions are considered and valued in decision making)
13. Employees/team members are cooperative
14. Team meetings are effective (set agenda, set time and duration is respected, meeting helps move towards set goal).
15. Your teams are well staff with the right people in the right positions
16. Your organization plans ahead its future staffing needs
17. Your current employee’s/team members have the skills and competencies to do their job?
18. There are formal and well known internal communications channels for information to flow throughout the organization (top to bottom and bottom to top)

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