Our partners

We work with partner firms, experts in
their respective fields to provide solutions
innovative in terms of human capital development.


A leading Canadian firm that has distinguished itself for nearly 20 years by its wide range of courses and certified training programs that allow individuals, teams and organizations to realize their full potential by adapting to new technologies and constantly changing business environments.


Central Test

International leader in the design and implementation of psychometric assessment solutions for the identification of potential at the heart of organizations. Central Test designs and distributes a wide range of assessment tools such as personality and aptitude tests.


Coaching Ourselves

Peer coaching Learning Program CoachingOurselves created by Henry Mintzberg and Phil Lenir helps increase the company’s ability to develop self, while building a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.


Birches Group

Compensation Consulting firm that conduct salary and benefits surveys in 148 countries worldwide and focusing exclusively on emerging market countries.